• IMIDRO outlook in 2025

      Main Parts of IMIDRO's Outlook 1404 (2025)

      Acquiring a top position in economy, science and technology, Iran is considered as a developed country in the region and enjoys an effective relation with international countries. The Islamic and revolutionary identity of the country has been a key factor in inspiring Islam world.

      1. A developed country by 1404 (2025)
      2. Achieving the first place in the regional economic and scientific ranking
      3. Enjoying advanced technology and capable of manufacturing science and technology
      4. Active, responsible, having a spirit of cooperation and social harmony, committed to the revolution and Islamic system, as well as prosperity of Iran
      5. Secure, independent, powerful with comprehensive defense system based on deterrence and unity between government and people
      6. Inspiring, active and effective in Islam world based on strengthening the model of religious democracy
      7. Enjoying health, welfare, social security, equal opportunities and advantage of having a favorable environment
      8. Having a constructive interaction with international community based on the principles of dignity, wisdom and expediency
      9. Entrepreneurship and permanent employment

      Mine and Industry Sector Outlook in 20-Year Economic Perspective

      Acquiring the first place in economic, industrial ranking with an emphasis on the following features:

      1.Developed based on advanced and innovative technologies, providential and self-sufficient in supplying strategic products

      2. Export-oriented and significant supplier of the country's foreign currency

      3. Balanced in different parts of the country based on capabilities and regional advantages

      4. Productive in using available resources

      5. Synergic in the form of networks, clusters and chains

      6. Consistent with regional and international market standards

      Quantitative Targets of Mine and Mining Industry Sector in 20-Year Vision


      1. Steel: 55MT
      2. Copper: 440,000T
      3. Aluminum: 1.5MT