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          Iran's crude steel production exceeds 30 million tons for the first time, This year
          The chairman of IMIDRO's announced, "The steel industry has created 200,000 direct jobs in the country." Gharibpour emphasized, "This year, for the first time, steel production will exceed 30 million tons."
          Publish date  :  03/08/2020  
          Angoran underground mine opened without reliance on foreigners / IMIDRO pursues development of local employment in provinces
          The Chairman IMDIRO said, “The project of equipping and operating the underground part of Angoran was implemented by IMIDRO and Khatam Base without relying on foreigners.”
          Publish date  :  01/08/2020  
          Gharibpour: Development of cooperation between the mining sector and HEPCO / HEPCO plans to build 700 road construction machines needed by mining companies
          Emphasizing the development of cooperation between large mining companies and the mining industries and HEPCO under the leadership of IMIDRO, the Chairman of IMIDRO said, “HEPCO will build 700 road construction machines by next year as the first step of the cooperation, and in the In the long term, the construction of mining machinery by this experienced manufacturer is planned.”
          Publish date  :  29/07/2020  
          Large mining companies and HEPCO to sign 5 Memorandum of Cooperation under the leadership of IMIDRO
          Deputy Minister of SMT and Chairman of IMIDRO said, “After acquisition of HEPCO by the Social Security Organization, IMIDRO’s supportive approach toward the company has not changed and regarding to the development missions of this organization and the national view, in the year of “Production Jump”, Mining sector and Mining Industries will certainly continue to support this long-serving manufacturer and develop the cooperation.”
          Publish date  :  26/07/2020  
          Gharibpour: Rare metals, gems and decorative stones are on the table of cooperation between IMIDRO and the University of Science and Technology
          The chairman of IMIDRO said, “This organization and the University of Science and Technology will have joint activities on three topics; Rare earth metals, gems and decorative stones.
          Publish date  :  21/07/2020  
          Gharibpour: IMIDRO allocates 600bn Tomans to infrastructure development in Fars province
          The chairman of IMIDRO said, “In line with its development duties, in addition to allocating 400bn tomans for the construction of a 45-kilometer Lamerd-Parsian road, the organization will allocate 200bn tomans for the construction of the Kharameh-Neyriz road.”
          Publish date  :  19/07/2020  
          Gharibpour: "Gold Comprehensive Plan was presented / Private sector views are included in the Gold Comprehensive Plan"
          The Gold Comprehensive Plan’s description of the services has been specified, Chairman of the board of IMIDRO announced. He said: "With the selection of the consultant, the preparation and compilation of the Gold Comprehensive Plan started. "
          Publish date  :  17/07/2020  
          Loan interest subsidy program for buyers of Iranian mining machinery
          Khodadad Gharibpour announced: IMIDRO will grant subsidies to customers of domestically made mining machinery.
          Publish date  :  16/07/2020  
          Gharibpour Announced:Bandar Abbas Industries Water Supply by Urban Wastewater
          Bandar Abbas Industries Water Supply by Urban Wastewater
          Publish date  :  18/05/2020  
          Crude Steel Output Rises 11% in 10 Months/DRI Production Up 8%
          Tehran, Feb24, IMIDRO_ Iran’s crude steel production during the first ten-month of the current Iranian year (March21, 2019- January20, 2020), indicating an 11% growth YOY.
          Publish date  :  24/02/2020  

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