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          IMIDRO Released Performance Report
          Tehran, Feb18, IMIDRO_IMIDRO announced the performance report with an overview of actions taken by IMIDRO during the first 10 months of the current Iranian year (March 21, 2019-Janury20, 2020).
          Publish date  :  18/02/2020  
          Steel Ingot Output Up 4% in 8 Months
          Tehran, Dec.18, IMIDRO_ Steel ingot production of major Iranian steelmakers up 4 percent during the first eight months of the current Iranian year (March21-November21, 2019).
          Publish date  :  18/12/2019  
          Partnership MoU Signed on Oman Sea Water Desalination and Transmission of Fresh Water to 3 Eastern Provinces
          Tehran, Dec.17, IMIDRO_ Partnership MoU on Oman sea water desalination plan and transmission of fresh water to 3 eastern provinces was signed between Supply and Development of Infrastructures in East of Iran Company and Tabesh Company with attendance of chairman of the board of IMIDRO and Governors of 3 eastern provinces.
          Publish date  :  18/12/2019  
          Iran’s Steel Ingot Output Rises 5% /Steel Products Up7% in 7 Months
          Tehran, Nov25, IMIDRO_ Iran’s steel ingot and steel products output up 5 percent and 7 percent respectively during March21-October22, 2019.
          Publish date  :  25/11/2019  
          IMIDRO’s coal Concentrate Production Rises 13%
          Tehran, Oct.12, IMIDRO_ IMIDRO produced 65,126 tons of coal concentrate during the sixth month of current Iranian year (August 23-September22, 2019), indicating a 13 % growth YOY.
          Publish date  :  12/10/2019  
          Iron Ore Concentrate Production Passed 19.7 MT
          Tehran,Sep16,IMIDRO_ Major Iranian mining companies produced 19.725,197 tons of Iron Ore concentrate during the first five-month of current Iranian year(March 21-Aug 22,2019), indicating 4 percent growth YOY.
          Publish date  :  17/09/2019  
          Esfordi Phosphate Output Up 18%
          Tehran, Sep15, IMIDRO_ Phosphate concentrate production of Esfordi Phosphate Complex during the first five months of the current Iranian year (March21 to Aug22), up 18% YOY.
          Publish date  :  15/09/2019  
          Production of 15.9M Tons Iron Ore Concentrate in 4 Months
          Tehran,Aug19,IMIDRO_ Major Iranian mining companies produced 15,903,165 tons of Iron Ore Concentrate during the first four-month of current Iranian year(March 21-July21,2019), indicating a 3 percent rise year-on-year.
          Publish date  :  19/08/2019  
          Esfordi Phosphate Production Rises 14% in 4 Months
          Tehran, Aug18, IMIDRO_ Phosphate concentrate production of Esfordi Phosphate Complex during the first four months of the current Iranian Year (from March 21 to July 21,2019), up 14 percentYOY.
          Publish date  :  18/08/2019  
          IMIDRO’s Coal Extraction Up 11%
          Tehran, July28, IMIDRO_ IMIDRO extracted 474,202 tons of coal during the first quarter of current Iranian year (March21-June21, 2019), to register an 11 % growth YOY.
          Publish date  :  28/07/2019  

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