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    • Karbasian announced:

      IMIDRO’s Policies Support Small &Medium Sized Mines

      Tehran, May9, IMIDRO_ Supporting the small and medium sized mines is one of the basic policies of IMIDRO in current Iranian Year (Started21 March 2018), Mehdi Karbasian announced.

      According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, attending the 5th Annual International Iron Ore Conference of Iran, Chairman of the board of IMIDRO expressed that good relations and synergy between IMIDRO and private sector will led to support of the small mines. We hope that private sector support us and be more active in development of small and medium sized mines.

      Supporting the small mines will led to increase of entrepreneur’s capital. Prosperity of small and medium sized mines and employment in deprived areas could be provided by the assistance of government and private sector, he added.

      He noted by the assistance of MIDHCO and Gol-e-gohar a MoU has been signed to support small iron ore mines. IMPASCO due to aid of small mines succeeded to rise Mouteh gold mine output to 600 kg during the last Iranian year (ended20 march 2018) from 200 kg in the previous year. This achievement led to activation of small gold mines and employment in three provinces.

      Moving towards processing path

      Based on our negotiations in last year, main companies such as Gol-e-gohar, Chadormalu, MIDHCO, Mobarakeh Steel and Mines and Metal investment will establish an exploration company in this sector, Karbasian explained.

      We request the private sector to integrate iron ore consortia in the current year, he said.

      So far, our activity was in open pit mines but we should activate underground mines by new technologies, Chairman of the board of IMIDRO continued.

      Results of our surveys show that there will be no open pit mines for iron ore and other minerals, so IMPASCO conducted two drilling projects in Central plateau which led to exploration of an underground mine with 2 billion tonnes of iron ore reserves.

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