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    • Iran Aluminum Production Up 10%

      Tehran, July30, IMIDRO_ Iran’s Aluminum production in the first three month of the current Iranian year (March 21-June21, 2018) increased 10.6 percent compared with the corresponding period of previous year.

      According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, Iran’s three major Aluminum producers produced an aggregate of 91,379tonnes of Aluminum in first three month of the current Iranian year, indicating a 10.6% growth YOY.

      During this period, IRALCO was the biggest producer with 45,223 tonnes followed by Hormoz Aluminum Company with 28,378 tonnes and Almahdi Aluminum Company with 17,778 tonnes.

      Iran Alumina Company produced 215,774 tonnes of bauxite and 105,103 tonnes of Aluminum hydrate in first quarter of the current Iranian year (started 21March 2018), registering 10 percent and 1 percent growth respectively.

      Likewise, Iran Alumina Company produced 61,825 tonnes of alumina powder and 36,294 tonnes of lime during the mentioned period, indicating 0.1 percent decrease and 1 percent increase respectively.

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