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    • Inauguration of First Low-Grade Hematite Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant in Jalalabad

      Tehran, Aug5, IMIDRO_ Iran’s first low-grade hematite iron ore beneficiation plant inaugurated by Industry, Mine and Trade Minister in Jalalabad, Kerman province.

      According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, low-grade hematite iron ore beneficiation plant was constructed by private sector investment (Fakoor Sanat Company) at vicinity of Jalalabad iron ore mine.

      The plant will use low-grade hematite iron ore deposits of Jalalabad mine in order to produce iron ore concentrate.

      Fakoor Sanat invested 1,570 billion Rials in this project.Inauguration of Jalalabad beneficiation plant led to 280 direct and indirect employments.

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