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    • Iran Exports 2.6 MT of Steel in 4 Months

      Tehran,Aug7,IMIDRO_Iran exported over 2.6 million tonnes of steel during the first four-month of the current Iranian year(March21-July21),indicating a 13% growth in tonnage compared with corresponding period of last year.

      According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, major Iranian steelmakers exported 2,623,661 tonnes of steel in 4 months. “Khuzestan Steel Company” took the lion’s share of exports with 959,008 tonnes, followed by,”Mobarakeh Steel Complex” with 459,613 tonnes, ”Isfahan Steel Mill” with 396,604 tonnes, “Hormozgan Steel Company” with 373,549 tonnes, ”South Kaveh Steel Company” with 343,000 tonnes, “Khorasan Steel Company” with 75,697 tonnes, “Iran Alloy Steel company” with 30,322 tonnes and “Oxin Steel Company” with 12,868 tonnes.

      Likewise, crude steel and steel products export of major Iranian steelmakers in Tir (June22, July22), stood at 715,000 tonnes and 869,000 tonnes respectively, registering a 21 % growth YOY.

      During this period, “Khuzestan Steel Company” exported 194,712 tonnes of steel and steel products followed by “Hormozgan Steel Company” with 184,867 tonnes, Mobarakeh Steel Complex” with117, 512 tonnes, ”Isfahan Steel Mill” with 114,995 tonnes, ”South Kaveh Steel Company” with 77,000 tonnes, “Khorasan Steel Company” with 25,593 tonnes and “Iran Alloy Steel company” with 1,190 tonnes.

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