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    • CEO of PGSEZ announced:

      Infrastructures Ready for Investment/Gas Supply for 10MT Steel Production

      Tehran, Dec29, IMIDRO_ Necessary infrastructures have been prepared for attendance of investors as well as supply of required gas for production of 10 million tonnes of steel, CEO of PGSEZ said.

      According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, the task of the Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries Special Economic Zone is to set up and provide the infrastructures and initial production facilities for investment of private sector, government, etc. in order to develop and set up mining and industrial units, Hassan Khalaj Tehrani expressed.

      Infrastructure projects have been implemented in line with PGSEZ task. In addition to the road, layout of streets, green belt, connection to the national railway and jetty for loading and unloading bulk minerals, the most important infrastructures for an industrial unit are water, electricity and gas that fortunately, PGSEZ has these infrastructures and facilities, he added.

      In near future, one of the gas usage will be in Hormozgan steel and Saba steel development plans in order to produce 10 million tonnes of steel based on 2020 outlook. Now, we are producing nearly 4.5 million tonnes of steel and have enough gas supply to produce the other 5 million tonnes of steel, CEO of PGSEZ continued.

      Contract for water supply

      Based on the initial agreements, required water for plants will be provided by Sewage effluent of Bandar Abbas city in 4 phase (each25 thousand cubic meters), Khalaj Tehrani said.

      He noted that PGSEZ has no problem in water sector until the operation of water supply plan. At present, the required water was provided by the region’s desalination plant, desalination plant of Hormozgan steel company, desalination plant of SKS Company and branch line of Bandar Abbas’ new desalination project.

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