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    • Partnership MoU Signed on Oman Sea Water Desalination and Transmission of Fresh Water to 3 Eastern Provinces

      Tehran, Dec.17, IMIDRO_ Partnership MoU on Oman sea water desalination plan and transmission of fresh water to 3 eastern provinces was signed between Supply and Development of Infrastructures in East of Iran Company and Tabesh Company with attendance of chairman of the board of IMIDRO and Governors of 3 eastern provinces.

      According to the report of Public relations of IMIDRO, Khodadad Gharibpour, chairman of the board of IMIDRO, Alireza Razm Hosseini, Governor of Razavi Khorasan, Mohammad ali Mohebati, Governor of Sistan and Baluchistan, Mohammad Sadegh Motamedian, Governor of South Khorasan and Ghasem Taghizadeh Khamesi CEO of Water and Wastewater Company of Iran and Deputy of Energy Minister attended the signing MoU ceremony on December15.

      Based on this MoU, Tabesh Company put the operation of seawater desalination plan and transmission of 250 million cubic meters per year in first phase on the agenda aimed at supply freshwater and water for consumption in industry sector of eastern parts of the country. This project has 3 phases and will increase the volume of water transmission from Oman Sea to these 3 provinces to 750million cubic meters per year.

      Gharibpour said: private sector will conduct all the process of sea water transmission to these provinces. Although, IMIDRO, Energy Ministry, Governors of Razavi Khorasan, South Khorasan and Sistan and Baluchistan are the supervisors of the project.

      Supply and Development of Infrastructures in East of Iran Company as one of the IMIDRO’s subsidiaries has 20 percent participation in the project.

      Likewise, Mobarakeh Steel Company, Sanabad Comprehensive Development Company, Khorasan Steel Company, Opal Parsian Company and East Kaveh Steel Company are the investors of the project.

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