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    • IMIDRO Released Performance Report

      Tehran, Feb18, IMIDRO_IMIDRO announced the performance report with an overview of actions taken by IMIDRO during the first 10 months of the current Iranian year (March 21, 2019-Janury20, 2020).

      According to the report of Public Relations of IMIDRO, the performance report includes various reports such as major mining companies’ production and export, exploration, activation of small mines, operation of rare earth elements pilot, signing MoUs with universities and increasing steel production capacity.

      During the first 10 months of the current Iranian year (March 21, 2019-Janury20, 2020), statistics shows 3 percent and 8 percent increase in iron ore concentrate and DRI production of major Iranian mining companies respectively. Moreover, these companies’ steel ingot and steel products output respectively registered 5 and 8 percent growth.

      During the mentioned period, copper cathode production of major Iranian mining companies indicated a 3 percent rise while alumina output remain unchanged. Also, statistics shows these companies experienced 25 percent growth in exports.

      Exploration and activation of mines

      Since the establishment of IMIDRO, the organization registered 650000 square kilometers of mining exploration which 400000 square kilometers belongs to(September 23,2018-January20,2020) that shows a noticeable growth in exploration activities.

      Likewise, IMPASCO (Iran Minerals Production & Supply Company) as a subsidiary of IMIDRO is responsible to perform activation of small and medium size mines plan aimed at employment growth and supply raw materials for major companies. The company succeeded to activate 130 small and medium size mines.

      Furthermore, Rare Earth Elements Pilot was inaugurated by First Vice President Es'haq Jahangiri and Reza Rahmani, Industry, Mine and Trade Minister in January 2020.

      Based on the signed MoUs, IMIDRO is cooperating with universities and scientific centers in order to meet the needs of the mines and mining sector and support research projects. IMIDRO has supported 194 theses related to the mining sector. Also, IMIDRO’s research and training budget increased 50 percent and 100 percent YoY, respectively.

      Projects in Southern Provinces

      Likewise, Partnership MoU on Oman sea water desalination plan and transmission of fresh water to 3 eastern provinces was signed between Supply and Development of Infrastructures in East of Iran Company and Tabesh Company.

      Persian Gulf Mineral and Industrial Special Economic Zone (P.G.M.I.S.E.Z) as a subsidiary of IMIDRO intends to achieve 10 million tons of steel production capacity based on its outlook. At present, the plan is conducting by investors and supervision of IMIDRO.

      Moreover, IMIDRO in line with Macro policies to increasing steel production capacity and as the access to water and port facilities is performing establishing 10 million tons of steel production capacity plan at Mokran coast in Chabahar plan with participation of private sector

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