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    • In the meeting of the chairman of IMIDRO with the Governor of Fars province:

      Gharibpour: IMIDRO allocates 600bn Tomans to infrastructure development in Fars province

      The chairman of IMIDRO said, “In line with its development duties, in addition to allocating 400bn tomans for the construction of a 45-kilometer Lamerd-Parsian road, the organization will allocate 200bn tomans for the construction of the Kharameh-Neyriz road.”

      According to IMIDRO’s Public Relations, in the meeting to review the situation of mines and IMIDRO’s programs in Fars province, which was attended by the governor and a number of representatives of the province in the Parliament, at Governor's Office, Khodadad Gharibpour added, “Infrastructure development in Fars province has been set as a target by IMIDRO.”
      He said, "According to this, IMIDRO has considered the construction of Lamerd-Parsian road (45 km) with an investment of 400bn Tomans, which will facilitate the transfer of products from Lamerd special economic zone to Parsian port."
      Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade added, "On the other hand, Imidro allocated 200bn tomans of credit for the construction of Kharameh – Neyriz road, and this project is currently in the process of selecting a contractor."

      60,000 square kilometers of the province under IMIDRO’s explorations
      Referring to Imidro's explorations in the province, the chairman of IMIDRO said, “60,000 square kilometers of Fars Province’s total area is under IMIDRO's exploration operations.” He continued, “Many dolomite mines have been identified in the east of the province and the program of partnership with the private sector in these mines is being considered.”

      Development of downstream aluminum industries
      Gharibpour called the southern aluminum project one of the honors of this province and said, “We are considering the development of downstream aluminum industries in this province.” He added: "Planning to invest 700 million euros to build a factory of 200,000 tons of aluminum sheet in Fars is being considered."
      The chairman of IMIDRO announced, “IMIDRO is ready to provide 30% of the financial resources for this project.
      Development of Ghadir Neyriz Steel
      In another part of his speech, Gharibpour announced the development of the Neyriz steel sector and said, "We have allocated 100 million Euros for the development of Ghadir Neyriz steel, and in the same time, the water supply of this steel complex is underway."
      Financing small mines
      The chairman of IMIDRO also announced the readiness of this organization in the development and financing of small mines in Fars province. Gharibpour said, “Mining Activities Investment Insurance Fund will register a capital increase of 500bn Tomans this year and next year this figure will increase to 1000bn Tomans.”

      He added: "This fund, which is one of the subsidiaries of IMIDRO, is ready to finance the development of the province's mines by providing financial facilities."
      Supply of equipment in the field of decorative stones
      Referring to the advantages of Fars province in the field of decorative stones, he said, "Export duties, machinery and equipment are among the key factors in using this provincial capacity." Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade added, "In this regard, we are looking to eliminate export duties on decorative stones and solve the problems of the province's mines in supplying equipment."
      He called financing, training, exploration and research studies as IMIDRO’s goals in the provinces and said, "We will follow these strategies from the organization's internal resources until we achieve results."

      Construction plan of an aluminum ring factory in Lamerd
      The Chairman of IMIDRO called the supply of 450 MW of electricity and support and development of downstream industries, including the aluminum ring factory in Lamerd Special Economic Zone, as another program of the Organization for Development and Renovation of Mines and Mining Industries in Fars Province.
      Mohammad Aghajanloo, Vice President of IMIDRO’s Mining Development and Mining Industries, Vajihollah Jafari, CEO of

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