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    • It was announced at the signing ceremony of 5 memorandums of cooperation between mining companies and HEPCO:

      Gharibpour: Development of cooperation between the mining sector and HEPCO / HEPCO plans to build 700 road construction machines needed by mining companies

      Emphasizing the development of cooperation between large mining companies and the mining industries and HEPCO under the leadership of IMIDRO, the Chairman of IMIDRO said, “HEPCO will build 700 road construction machines by next year as the first step of the cooperation, and in the In the long term, the construction of mining machinery by this experienced manufacturer is planned.”

      According to IMIDRO’s Public Relations, this evening, at the ceremony of signing 5 memorandums of cooperation between mining companies and HEPCO, which was held in the presence of CEOs of HEPCO and large mining companies, Khodadad Gharibpour added,” With the presence of large mining companies in these memoranda, HEPCO will be revived.”
      He said, "IMIDRO fulfilled its mission of supporting HEPCO and played the role it was supposed to play, both as a shareholder and in the form of cooperation."
      "Currently, two-thirds of iron ore mining operations, 60% of copper mining and 30% of the country's steel production are carried out by large mining companies and mining industries such as Mobarakeh, Chadormelo, Gol Gohar and Melli Mes," Gharibpour added.
      "These companies, which are put together with HEPCO in the form of these memoranda, will play an important role in returning HEPCO to production," he said. Appreciating the cooperation of large companies with HEPCO, the Chairman of IMIDRO said, "Preparing the conditions for signing 5 memorandums of understanding between companies and HEPCO was the result of holding 7 important and fundamental meetings."
      “With the aim of evaluating their capabilities, the managers of mining companies and HEPCO had reciprocal visits to companies of each other within 50 days” Gharibpour added.

      Activating HEPCO’s Engineering Department
      “HEPCO company has a high engineering capacity and can have an active engineering department,” he said.
      "The ability to build slag ladles and provide services in the hot rolling project 2 requested by Mobarakeh Co., as well as repairing the 35-ton Gol Gohar dump truck, are proofs of this claim," the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade added.
      This afternoon, companies of Meli Mes, Mobarakeh, Chadormelo and Gol Gohar, Mining Activities Investment Fund and Iran Mining House signed 5 memorandums of cooperation with HEPCO. The document is to be implemented under the guidance of IMIDRO and will focus on the sale of HEPCO products and services to mining giants, the report adds.
      These memoranda of understanding focus on the supportive approach of IMIDRO and these companies to purchase products and services from this experienced manufacturer. In the above four memoranda, "localization" will be the main approach between the cooperating parties.
      Also, another memorandum of understanding was signed between the Mining Insurance Fund (IMIDRO subsidiary) and Iran Mining House with HEPCO in the field of supplying the machinery needed by miners.

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