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    • Karbasian: Mobarakeh to Produce Steel Commensurate with Future Market

      Tehran, May13, IMIDRO_ Mobarakeh Steel Company should produce steel commensurate with future market to strongly attend the global market, Karbasian announced.

      According to the report of public relations of IMIDRO, Chairman of the board of IMIDRO, Mehdi Karbasian and CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Company, Bahram Sobhani, during a meeting, discussed Mobarakeh Steel Company’s performance in last Iranian year (ended 20 March 2018) and also objectives in the current Iranian year (started 21March 2018). Commensurate production with global market is the main subject of steel industry, so the market should be considered in the next 15-20 year plan, chairman of the board of IMIDRO announced.

      Oil and gas industries are the constant consumer of the oil and gas pipes produced by Mobarakeh Steel Company but production growth in this sector requires support, he added.

      Necessity of Technology Update

      Karbasian noted the updating technology as a proper method for cost reduction and said: despite the activities of Mobarakeh steel company in cost reduction, but this subject requires to be pursued as a comprehensive plan.

      Domestic Supply of Catalysts

      Sobhani expressed: We are constantly pursuing the knowledge of the day in terms of energy, production and labors efficiency, based on bench marking, and compare it with our competitors.

      We have imported catalysts for many years but due to establishment of domestic companies in this sector, we are purchasing and supplying them in domestic market, he said.

      Water Consumption Reduction

      The company’s water consumption reduced from 16.6 to 4.3 cubic meters in per ton of steel production, indicating a 75 percent decrease in the company’s water consumption, CEO of Mobarakeh announced.

      The company’s production plan is to rise steel output from 8.6 million tonnes in last year to 9.4 million tonnes in the current Iranian year, he continued.

      Also, the company’s prospect is to increase the production capacity in the next Iranian year (will be started 21March2019) and 2025 to 12 million tonnes and25 million tonnes respectively, he said.

      Mobarakeh plans to register 5.8 million tonnes of domestic sale equal to 76 percent of its production and about 1.8 million tonnes will be exported. Also 150thousand tonnes of qualitative products (77percent) will be sold in domestic market and 350thousand tonnes will be exported, Sobhani added.

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