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    • Esfordi phosphate Output Up 48%

      Tehran, Apr16, IMIDRO_ Esfordi phosphate Industrial & Mineral Complex’s production during the last Iranian year (ended 20March 2019), up 48% YOY.

      According to the report of Public Relations of IMIDRO, Esfordi phosphate Industrial & Mineral Complex, produced 86,579 tonnes of phosphate concentrate during the last Iranian year (ended March 20,2019), registering a 48 percent growth compared with the previous year.

      The company’s production over the period registering an 84% growth compared with the production plan (47,040 tonnes).

      During the period under review, the company extracted 355,682 tonnes of mineral.

      Esfordi phosphate Complex, as a subsidiary of Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company, is located in Bafq County in Yazd Province.

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