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    • Prediction of Zarshouran’s 150T Gold Reserves

      Tehran, Jan10, IMIDRO_ Exploration manager of IMIDRO announced that with new exploration and excavation projects, we predicted that probable and proven gold reserves of Zarshouran will reach over 150 tons.

      According to the report of the public relations of IMIDRO, gold reserves of Zarshouran was announced 108 tons earlier but current explorations increased these reserves significantly so that another operations could be done in this zone, Ali Asgharzadeh added.
      Zarshouran Gold Mining and Industrial Complex is located 35 km from the city of Takab in Western Azerbaijan province.
      He explained that other IMIDRO’s exploration projects includes iron ore in Gol gohar, Jalal abad, Sangan,…and copper, nickel, lead and zinc and coal in several mining zones.
      If we consider Zarshouran as a mine, there are still 6 other zones which exploration projects in these zones may lead to more than 150 tons reserves. Production capacity of Zarshouran’s gold plant in first phase includes 3 tons gold, 2.5 tons silver and one ton mercury, he said.
      As for further conducted explorations is predicted that second phase of the plant will double the production capacity.

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